SGA Music Videos?

Does anyone have any Stargate Atlantis music videos saved on their computer that they are willing to share with me?

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I have been searching the web, but it seems that Kawoosh (a Stargate music video archive site) no longer works. I am aware that YouTube has some, but most of my collection came from before YouTube's big boom in popularity, so I have not found any of my favorites there yet.

Perhaps worst of all is that this means I have even lost the three that I made myself. If nothing else, I hope I can recover these. I think I used my username (imwithrebel) on some and my first name on some (Rebecca). I know it's a long shot, but the ones I made were (songs linked in case that helps jog someone's memory):

Sheppard's Island - Set to the Gilligan's Island theme song, primarily clips from Rising and The Storm/Eye

Stupid Cupid - Set to the Mandy Moore song with clips showing our "Kirk" (Sheppard) was really a victim to all of that attention from the alien women ;)

Say the Word - Set to a song from Kim Possible by Christy Carlson Romano showing that Sheppard will always be there to help when McKay calls for him (or "says the word")

Well here's hoping that I'm not the only one who enjoyed watching music videos. :)
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Comment Amnesty and a Poll of Interest

It's Leap Day, so to celebrate this quirky occasion, I declare a Comment Amnesty for last year's John/Vala Thing-a-thon! I know I got ambushed by RL last year... Now's your weekend to lavish love on everyone's gifts. Here's the Master List and here's the community tag.

Which brings us to this year's Thing-a-thon. Technology is finally on our side for a simpler sign-up. An improvement we desperately need is avoiding an overlapping schedule with larger fandom events. I think I've picked a good window (late March, opening in late May), but if you know otherwise, please let us know.

One thing hasn't changed, though — we need a larger pool of participants to pull it off. So if you guys are interested, or know someone who is, please bring them in to answer this poll.

Cut/pasting? Non-LJers can either use Open ID or sign their name on an anonymous comment.

Poll #1146548 Lonely Tarts Club 08

If we have another Thing-a-thon, the ideal deadline would be:

Just before Memorial Day
Memorial Day weekend (May 26)
Just after Memorial Day
Some other date in comments...

I might be able to help out?

Yes, in small ways.
Yes, I can be an SGA expert.
Yes, I can be an SG-1 expert.
Nope, but I'll show up!

I would check a mirror on InsaneJournal.

Not really.

The "Ark of Truth" DVD...

I'm buying it.
Someone will love me enough to procure it for me.
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Thank you for a lovely Thing-a-thon!

Hello Clubbers!  I have the great pleasure of closing out the 2007 John/Vala Thing-a-thon!  I hope you all had fun, and have been leaving lots of love.  I'd like to thank my tireless co-mods, aphelant and jade_1459, who frequently went above and beyond the call to spread the John/Vala goodness.  None of this would have happened without them.  Thank you ladies!

Participants, I'm simply thrilled by your hard work!  Pinch-hitters (Thank you pinch-hitter!!), we worship you!  We must also thank sticksandsnark for inspiration, interlinea for the layout template, and the numerous volunteers and supporters who pitched in.

You can join in the fun from the Master List or along our community tag.

If you wish, you can continue to post extra gifts for participants!  Community watchers, please be sure to join up; we'll be discussing the future of the community very soon.  Our mission of bringing John/Vala — and all the juicy pairings, plots, and pretties they spawn — has hopefully only just begun.  Mwah! 

Fic: Intercostal Clavicle - PG13

Recipient: Stef scifi_tv_addict
Creator: Auburn
Title: Intercostal Clavicle
Size: 6911 words, 48 KB
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None specific, but possible reference to anything involving Vala in SG-1 and all three Atlantis seasons, including one for Season 4.
Warnings: None
Pairing: John/Vala, John/OC (referred to only).
Summary: In which aliens are sent to the zoo, there is shopping, daring rescues, blackouts, crossdressing, jealousy, nervous breakdowns, jailtime, broken engagements, and funding allocation.

Intercostal Clavicle
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Fic: Princess Leia's Cinnamon Buns (PG-13)

Recipient: Anna Luna (anna_luna)
Creators: Liondragon and Aphelant (shusu and aphelant)
Title: Princess Leia's Cinnamon Buns
Rating: PG-13
Prompt(s): undercover + backstory + baking
Spoilers: The Return I (AU), Star Wars. Neither belong to us.
Word count: 3200 words
Warnings: She said it was okay, so we've got some INCEST. Low-key, but turn away if the mere mention's not your thing. Cross-dressing, prophylactics, pastry. Also: traumatic violation of prettiness. Thanks to serabut for pointing out the trauma. Any baking mistakes belong to Liondragon.

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John/Vala Thing-a-thon 2007 Master List

Welcome to the John/Vala Thing-a-thon Master List!  To be updated as we go.  Thank you to all the participants and assistants for heaping on the tarts!

A great big sloppy thank you to all the pinch-hitters! Love and hugs to the lurkers, betas, and all the supportive shout-outers who helped us along the way!


Recipient: history_gurl
Creator: sindohrah
Title: Vala & Her Boy Toys
Rating: G
Prompt: John/Vala/Rodney/Daniel
Spoilers: Nope
Warnings: None
Summary: Sorry your original thing-a-thonner dropped on ya, but I hope this last minute pretty Thing will satisfy your tart craving. :)

Vala & Her Boy Toys Wallpaper

And I hope you like flowers...'cause they kinda sorta took over. o_O

Hope you like!

Fic: Kingdom of Mirrors - NC-17

Recipient: Cetie
Creator: Gaia (gaiaanarchy)
Title: Kingdom of Mirrors
Rating: R/NC-17 (18)
Prompt(s): 1. AU where John and Vala are 1920s bank robbers, bonus for other SG1 or SGA characters showing up. 2. “I just have a thing for brilliant, blue-eyed men who talk with their hands.” “Hey me too!” 3. Vala drags John and someone else into a threesome, someone else being either Sam or Rodney.
Pairings: John/Rodney, John/Vala, John/Rodney/Vala, Cam/John (implied), Rodney/Sam (implied), Jack/Sam (implied).
Spoilers: Poisoning the Well, Michael, Flesh and Blood
Word count: 27,590
Warnings: Vaguely incestuous, hetsex, slash, AU, masturbation

Authors note: Sorry for the lateness. As you can tell, it got a little out of control. Loads of thanks to_workinprogress and ellex42 for betaing and holding my hand at the last minute.

Summary: When John walked into the southern quarter depository of the 363rd city bank, Rodney McKay was on the univision for the third time that week. That was almost as many as Jack O’Neill and only marginally less than War Chancellor Thor himself. Not that John was keeping track or anything. AU in which the Asgard run Atlantis, John and Vala are bank robbers, and Rodney is . . . well, Rodney.