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Fic: Kingdom of Mirrors - NC-17

Recipient: Cetie
Creator: Gaia (gaiaanarchy)
Title: Kingdom of Mirrors
Rating: R/NC-17 (18)
Prompt(s): 1. AU where John and Vala are 1920s bank robbers, bonus for other SG1 or SGA characters showing up. 2. “I just have a thing for brilliant, blue-eyed men who talk with their hands.” “Hey me too!” 3. Vala drags John and someone else into a threesome, someone else being either Sam or Rodney.
Pairings: John/Rodney, John/Vala, John/Rodney/Vala, Cam/John (implied), Rodney/Sam (implied), Jack/Sam (implied).
Spoilers: Poisoning the Well, Michael, Flesh and Blood
Word count: 27,590
Warnings: Vaguely incestuous, hetsex, slash, AU, masturbation

Authors note: Sorry for the lateness. As you can tell, it got a little out of control. Loads of thanks to_workinprogress and ellex42 for betaing and holding my hand at the last minute.

Summary: When John walked into the southern quarter depository of the 363rd city bank, Rodney McKay was on the univision for the third time that week. That was almost as many as Jack O’Neill and only marginally less than War Chancellor Thor himself. Not that John was keeping track or anything. AU in which the Asgard run Atlantis, John and Vala are bank robbers, and Rodney is . . . well, Rodney.



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