Rebecca (imwithrebel) wrote in lonelytartsclub,

SGA Music Videos?

Does anyone have any Stargate Atlantis music videos saved on their computer that they are willing to share with me?

I was very active in SGA fandom when the show was on the air and one of my favorite things were the music videos that people made. In fact, showing me music videos was how my friend convinced me to watch Atlantis in the first place (I started watching during the break between season 1 and 2).

The last few days I have been rewatching Atlantis and wanted to see some of my favorite music videos again. I had saved a large collection of them, but was devastated to discover that they were not on my computer. I think I must have left them on my husband's laptop (my old laptop) which recently crashed and lost everything saved on it. They are gone forever. :(

I have been searching the web, but it seems that Kawoosh (a Stargate music video archive site) no longer works. I am aware that YouTube has some, but most of my collection came from before YouTube's big boom in popularity, so I have not found any of my favorites there yet.

Perhaps worst of all is that this means I have even lost the three that I made myself. If nothing else, I hope I can recover these. I think I used my username (imwithrebel) on some and my first name on some (Rebecca). I know it's a long shot, but the ones I made were (songs linked in case that helps jog someone's memory):

Sheppard's Island - Set to the Gilligan's Island theme song, primarily clips from Rising and The Storm/Eye

Stupid Cupid - Set to the Mandy Moore song with clips showing our "Kirk" (Sheppard) was really a victim to all of that attention from the alien women ;)

Say the Word - Set to a song from Kim Possible by Christy Carlson Romano showing that Sheppard will always be there to help when McKay calls for him (or "says the word")

Well here's hoping that I'm not the only one who enjoyed watching music videos. :)

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