Fic: Viva Las Vegas

Recipient: Mahoni
Creator: history_gurl
Title: Viva Las Vegas
Rating: R/NC-17 (18)
Prompt(s): Somehow include: ice cream, mini-golf, a hammer and nails. First time sex.
Spoilers: The Pegasus Project
Word count: 4653
Warnings: explicit het sex. Not for minors. You know who you are, read the rating and beware.

Authors note: Sorry for the lateness of this. Damn life got in the way.

A/N (part deux): I have taken some liberties with the characterization of John Sheppard. I figure anyone who is as big a dork as Sheppard must have a relatively uncool inner monologue.

Summary: Las Vegas is the logical choice for Atlantis/SGC teambuilding. Isn't it?

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np, yet so right, puppy, hee
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Fic: Come All Ye Reborn - NC-17

The Stargate universe does not belong to me.  Unauthorized duplication and distribution is prohibited.

Recipient: Renae (chase_acow)
Creator: Liondragon (shusu)
Title: Come All Ye Reborn [light]
Rating: R/NC-17 (18)
Prompt(s): It's the end of the world. + cheating/open relationship with (Rodney, Daniel, or Cameron)
Spoilers: extensive throughout aired seasons of SG-1 and SGA.
Word count: 25,700

Warnings: Angst, broken bones, relentless whump, terrible science, death, disguises, children.  Explicit sex (not involving the last).  Screws heavily with Collapse )
Pairings: John/Vala/Daniel/Cameron/Rodney Collapse )  And oddly enough, no John/Vala scene.
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Summary: Eternal torment isn't all it's cracked up to be.
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Testing The Waters

So chances are good that I won't be able to get on the 'net until very late tomorrow, so since posting access has been opened early, I figured it couldn't hurt to Thing now (and if it does hurt, then the shiny mods can torture me with wet noodles :p ).

Recipient: daughe1
Creator: sindohrah
Title: Drink Up Sweet Decadence
Rating: G
Prompt: Going out (or as best as I can depict going out in a wallpaper & manip)
Spoilers: Nope!
Warnings: Erm...beware the pretties?
Summary: One wallpaper, one fanart manip and nine icons.

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